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How Much BAH Do Part-Time Students Receive?

How Much BAH Do Part-Time Students Receive?


Since the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) will be prorated after August 1st, 2011, if you only go to school half-time, will you get only half of the BAH? Will you be eligible to receive the remaining BAH at a later date, or do you lose that money because you aren’t a full-time student?

Answer: Prior to the new rule going into effect on August 1st, you had to be going to school full-time in order to receive BAH. Now, effective on the first of August, your BAH will be prorated based on your rate of pursuit (rounded to the nearest tenth), according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). If you pursue less than full time in a semester, your housing allowance will be prorated accordingly.

For example, if the full housing allowance is $1000 and you go three quarters time, you get 3/4 of the full time amount, rounded to the nearest tenth (in this case, $800 a month).  Or, a student training at a rate of pursuit of 75% would receive 80% of the BAH rate. This new rule eliminates the previous rule that allowed GI Bill users to receive full payments by taking only one credit more than half time.

Additionally, all BAH rates are the same, no matter which service branch you are in. For example,  BAH rates for the Army and Air Force BAH would be the same.

In regard to receiving the rest of your BAH at a later date, you are only entitled to receive your prorated BAH at the time of your enrollment. You will not receive the remainder of your BAH.

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  • Carie1221

    I’m only getting 60% of the 911 benefits.. Does that mean I will only get 60% of BAH for my area? I’m getting different answers.. since I’m going full time (12 credits) wouldn’t I be entitled to the FULL BAH? 

  • Infantry44

    I have the same question…. I a so confused about it