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Military Space Available Travel

Military Space Available Travel

As a member of the military, you are entitled to more benefits than just those involving education, like the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program. Service members have access to a variety of other military benefits, including one that allows you to fly practically for free.

Space available military travel, also known as military hops or Space-A, is an incredible benefit provided to service members, retirees and their families. Space available flights allow eligible passengers to fill unused seats on DoD-owned or controlled aircraft after all the space-required passengers and cargo have already been accommodated.

Military Space Available Travel has gone through some major changes in the past several years. The system has its flaws, but still manages to operate rather smoothly. Some service members complain that this type of travel is difficult and far less convenient than regular airline travel because of the lack of information and planning resources online, but for the cost savings, it’s still worth looking into.

There has been a reported growing trend that on any given space available flight, there are increasingly fewer available seats. The problem may get worse as its schedule continues to be reduced, due to budget constraints and cutbacks. Different from normal air travel, it lacks a centralized process for booking seats on Space A flights. It is a fragmented system that requires extra diligence on the part of the military travelers.

However, despite the program’s shortcomings, it still offers incredible deals and savings. Military hop is an incredible resource to take advantage of if you are able to do so.

Military Space A Travel Guide

Military Space Available Travel can be a tricky thing to understand. Here is the breakdown of everything you need to know.

1. Check eligibility

Check the eligibility requirements and see if you are entitled to fly. There are many different categories for eligibility, so it is important to check with the Air Mobility Command (AMC) website to make sure you are a candidate.

2. Choose desired location

Where would you like to fly? Flights are available all around the world in nearly every continent. Using the AMC map of terminals, you can select your departure and arrival location, and locate the different terminals available.

3. Check your documents

To fly this way, you will need specific documents. You must have all required documentation available upon check-in, or you will not be allowed to fly. Here is a list of the documents you will need.

4. Register

You have two options when it comes to registering:

Military Space A Registration Options:

1. In-person – You can register in-person at the AMC Passenger Terminal by using the kiosk or speaking directly with a passenger service agent.

2. By fax, postal mail or e-mail. You also can fax or mail your request to the passenger terminal, or use the Web-based sign-up at the passenger terminal site.

5. Check the flight schedule

Looking for military hop flight schedules? For the most recent, up-to-date Military Space A flights, you should contact your nearest AMC Passenger Terminal.

6. Check in

When enjoying the benefit of space available travel, you will check in at the counter or use the kiosk to check in at the AMC Passenger Terminal. Before arriving to check in, be sure that your bags are within the weight limitations and that you are not carrying any prohibited items. Once you’re there and checked in, you can review updated flight information and await your call to follow instructions regarding your flight.