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Financial Aid for Military Dependents

Financial Aid for Military Dependents

While Veterans are provided education benefits through plans like the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program, what types of military dependent benefits programs are available?

Obtaining an education can be very expensive, but military dependents benefits and the widespread availability of military scholarships for children can help reduce that cost. A wide variety of programs offer military spouse education benefits and military dependents benefits for educational purposes, with assistance coming from Government sponsored programs and even private foundations.


Tuition assistance for military dependents is widely accessible for qualifying service members, but some members of the military might not even be aware that so many different organizations have been established for this very purpose. As with the other parts of the process in determining which benefits you have access to, and which school you should use them at, research is the first logical step.


Types of Military Children Scholarships, Grants & Other Financial Assistance Programs


There are different types of financial aid programs for children of veterans. Options range from government programs (like the ones mentioned at the top of this post) to private scholarships and grants for members of different branches of the military.


If you’re a member of the military interested in receiving tuition assistance for your family’s education, make sure to exhaust all of the possibilities for receiving military dependent benefits by doing your research and finding out what’s available to you. To get more information about military education, please request our Free Military Education Handbook.


Here are just a few examples of financial aid programs available to military dependents:



Branch-Specific organizations are another type of institution offering military dependents education benefits. Some examples of branch-specific programs include:



Please remember that these are just a few of the many financial aid programs available, so as we said before – make sure to do your research and take advantage of any other military dependents benefits programs that you can find!


Using Your Military Dependent Education Benefits


Once you’re ready to start contacting schools to find out what it will cost to earn your degree, make sure you start with our list of the factors that define a military-inclusive college. All the schools who made our list are fully accredited, offer a variety of degree programs at different education levels, and provide significant savings to military students, their spouses and other dependents.


Speaking to as many schools as possible could save you thousands of dollars (as each school participates in military education benefits programs in different ways, and to a different extent), so make sure to contact each school that you’re considering to get a price quote. To cut down on the time spent doing this research, we suggest starting with three of our favorite colleges for military students: Robert Morris University, Jones International University and Colorado State University Global Campus.


Good luck out there!