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September Answers to Post 9/11 GI Bill Questions

September Answers to Post 9/11 GI Bill Questions

For future and current Post 9/11 GI Bill applicants, the Army of Dude blog has answers to questions you might not find on the VA’s website. Dude’s answers come from his own experience with the Post 9/11 GI Bill, interaction with other applicants, and from interviews from friendlier representatives at the government agencies. As he puts it, “you roll the dice any time you interact with the VA system,” and these are the answers that he found when he wasn’t getting snake eyes.

  • When am I getting paid? To get the answer, speak to your certifying official or call the VA directly. Dude adds to this with, “My certifying official provides the same level of care you would expect from a Tijuana back alley vasectomy; he couldn’t answer that question after the many calls, voice mails, emails, smoke signals and carrier pigeon messages I relayed to him. I figure I am not an isolated case and assume there must be more apathetic certifying officials out there.”
  • How is the Chapter 33 Housing Allowance paid? It’s paid in arrears. This means that you do not receive your housing benefit until the month has passed. This seems backwards when you need to pay your rent before the month’s time, and the only way to handle this is to pay for the first month of rent out-of-pocket and let the housing allowance take care of the rest. Not the best situation in the world, but that’s how it [unfortunately] is.
  • Will the Housing Allowance be year round? No. Only the months you attend school. This is why it is arrears; they won’t send it until a month of school has been completed.
  • Will I get an additional book stipend if I take summer classes? No. The $1000 is a flat rate for the full year regardless of the semesters you participate in.
  • Why is it taking so long? The process is done by-hand and can take up to two hours to determine the benefits of every single applicant. The electronic system that will remove this by-hand time is scheduled for launch December 2010. This means the following semesters, at the very least, should not have as many issues.

Here’s to hoping your Post 9/11 GI Bill experiences are going well!

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  • Dan

    So far my experience with the Post 9/11 GI Bill has been a headache to say the least. Had I known that I would still be without a dime of money for school nearing mid-terms I would have rather opted to take out a student loan that required repayment. Do not misunderstand, I think this is a great program and am thankful for it, but it is of little value when I cannot get paid. My school is understanding and has not dropped me yet, thankfully. However I have had to pay out of pocket for every book and as I drive over 300 miles per week to and from campus the fuel has taken a toll on my finances. To top it off, I have taken nearly a ten hour per week cut at work due to my class schedule so I am getting to a point where I am struggling. I have a young daughter to care for too, and thankfully my parents have helped me a bit financially. But the GI Bill is a benifit, not a handout. It requires a commitment from each eligible individual who qualifies, often of four to six years of service. So please don’t assume I am complaining for no reason, but I have been more than patient. This system should have been better thought-out prior to implementation. Every time I call the VA I get a different answer of when to expect payment. Ranging from early last month, to the first week of October, and as of today I am on hold at this very moment again, waiting to speak to another representitive because the first one I held for had no clue. At least she was honest though as it seems the others may have just been telling me a random number to get off the phone and move to the next veteran, who was also likely lied to.

  • Spouseofasoldier

    My experience is similar to Dan’s-excpet that I can’t even get someone on the phone to get a status. Its been nearly 10 weeks and I’m still waiting for my Cert of Eligibility! Thank goodness my school certified me using my spouse’s DD214 or I’d be SOL. I had to pay 1/2 my tuition out of my pocket to keep my classes, but also had to cut work hous and desperately need the stipends to help support our 2 children. This is a very frustrating process!

  • Lene

    I am having the same trouble I counted on this, and dropped my second job, I call and I get a different answer 2 weeks ago I was told I was on hold till November 30 because I dropped one class, by the time I get paid the semester will be over!! Then I called last week and they said that I was no longer on hold, I called a second time just to make sure and the second person I talked to confirmed that I was no longer on hold. I called today to see what was going on and they said that I was on hold till November 30!!! If I use my money to pay for rent I won’t have any left over to pay for bills, gas, etc!! I told the lady this and she told me that my G.I bill was an allowance and it wasn’t meant to pay for my rent..What???

  • Aaron

    Same Issue here. Been in school since Aug 31, had to take student loans for books. No GI bill money yet and it has been over 10 weeks since my school sent my Enrollment verification to the VA. Everytime I call I have a 20+ min wait because supposed phone reps are processing payments, really? Everytime I do talk to a rep they tel me a different story. One rep told me I should get my money by last week while another tells me it could be up to three more weeks! A bunch of monkeys answering phones is what it is.

  • kevin

    Are they trying to wait for people to finish school before payments go out? I was trying to be patient. My patients is running out. As well as my bank account.
    Rent is coming up. Phone bill, internet, car insurance……Not to mention things like gas. Food I can do without. After all its a crutch right? Coffee on the other hand…

  • Marty

    I am starting to wonder if I am going to get my money before the semester is over. My paperwork was recieved on August 20th and I am still waiting. I have called once a week since then to check on it, and I have a 20 minute wait just so they can tell me that my paperwork is pending and has not been processes yet. Yeah, I can read that on the website, thanks. I want some real information.
    I have been using my G.I Bill for three years and have had no problems, but this is just getting ridiculous. Me, my husband and my daughter have been living off my husbands meager paychecks, and its a wonder how we are getting by. I am so frustrated right now…………

  • kevin

    Hell, STILL NOTHING. I tried being understanding….patient. I’m passed that now. I’m PISSED. My school still hasn’t been paid. I still haven’t seen crap. The semnester is ENDING NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I have read all of your complaints and I feel all of your frustrations. Some people were not even able to go to school this fall semester, so for those of you who are well, something to be fortunate for. I was one of many who’s school demanded that I have the letter of eligibility or no dice, payment up front please! I missed out on a whole semester.

    I have learned for the individuals who are currently in class this fall,can go to their nearest VA office and get up to a $3000.00 advance, check it out. The VA received my applicaion for the GI bill August 6th and still no word. I can’t tell you how many f#@!ing minutes I’ve burned on my cell trying to get a straight answer. I’ve called about every two weeks. First I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to get letter of eligibility. Then that changed to 8-10 weeks! I’m currently on my 14th F#@!ing week!!! So here is what I propose everybody do. We can sit and whine here on this site or we can take these same complaints and send them to our congressmen. This is the only hope left I’m afraid to say, hopefully buy doing this,it will light a suffucient fire under the right asses of who are responsible for this debacle.
    Good luck to all of you, may next year shine brighter.

  • Robert

    I talked to both Financial Aid department at my school and the VA yesterday. They both told me the same thing. The Post 9/11 GI bill cannot be sent to you, it is required it gets sent to your school as additional funding, if you have already paid your full tuition, it up to your school when they want to dispurse the surplus back to you. This is totally different from the standard Chapter 30 GI Bill which would send you monthly checks. So pretty much, you still get to pocket it if your schools fully paid for, but if your making payments to the school, when they get that post 9/11 gi bill they will just pay off the rest of your tuition and you will get the remainder. For me its half good half bad. I got 5400 from pal grants, and 5500 from post gi that paid my full tuition, so i maxed out my student loans and get a monthly payment from my school for having a 9500 surplus in my account. So make sure you check with your school to see if they have recieved your payment because you might now be getting anything back at all.

  • Robert

    It took me less then 4 weeks to get accepted. Did you guys scan and attach your DD-214 to your online application. I had less then two years of service before honorably discharged under a hardship and was approved super fast. Applied 9/4 approved 10/1.

  • Alexandria

    I’m not sure about everyone else but I am a dependent receiving the benefits from my father. This year I decided to do an exchange program with my university, since I would be receiving the GI Bill benefits to pay for my living and expenses. My dad transferred his benefits to me and that was approved on August 13 and begin the same long journey all of you are experiencing. I was told 8 weeks originally. That was bad but it would only require my parents to pay a small amount of trip but now that it has been twelve weeks and I’ve been told to wait two more, it’s kinda insane. The dollar is so weak right now, so my expenses are very high. I’m not sure how much longer it will take but I can’t keep expecting my parents to pay my rent and expenses and I can’t get a job here either. So I’m in a very tough place right now, just praying everyday that maybe my application will be next.

  • larry@916

    Can we file a class action against the VA??
    I was initially approved for Post 9-11 in August but it was only at 50%, which was an error on their part; disability discharge which entitles me to 100%.

    It will be 4 months the 14th of this month with still no final approval letter.
    I’m glad I didn’t use my savings for school assuming I would get reimbursed, but are getting thin sitting on my ass waiting for this agency.

    It’s difficult to understand how this mismanaged agency awarded $24 million in bonus and rewards.

  • Amanda

    You can get approved quickly Robert however just like those ablove me your payment will take time to get to you. Now I do have an unusual question… I am a Truck driver and take the minimum to make this full time online HOWEVER one class is Asycronis meaning we meet once a week live with the Instructor I was told this is also known as a Satillite class. My question is Do I still get the BAH one VA rep said yes the other said no my mother who also is getting these beefits is saying yes she is with her school (same school different state) but my school is unsure DOES ANYONE KNOW FOR CERTAIN??? Thank you MA3 Creson

  • Omar

    All I have to say is be patient. I just got my approval letter, and they already sent out a check including back pay, and I got the $3000 dollar emergency fund. My first certificate of eligibility said %70 which I received in August. But since I’m a disabled veteran I’m eligible for %100, so I had them re certify me and I just received my final acceptance letter a couple of days ago. So it does take a while until they improve they’re method of certifying people. And if you haven’t gotten the emergency fund, you might want to look into that.

  • SF

    How many weeks did it take before you received your funds? Thanks

  • Eric

    I have received two checks so far, a partial for August and a full for September. I was feeling confident in the system, until now. It is past mid-November and I have yet to receive my October check. Soon December will be here, and will I have received either for the past months? The longer they wait, the harder it will be for them in the end. Everything we’ve been taught by the military about being on time… you’d think they would know a thing or two about this, especially when it’s the families they always claim to want to help who are in need.

  • Ryan W

    Why is it your a priority when your in the military and when you get out they could care ****ing less about your a**……….

  • Juliet Danner

    What is the VA emergency fund and how do I get that? I applied for my Certificate of Eligibility (COE) on 22 October and still haven’t received my COE. I had to pay out of pocket $1500 for my first class and it only last 6 weeks! I don’t want to pay again for my next class until I have my COE!

  • max castillo

    I filled the application out in june I started and was verified for in enrollment in august it is nov 19 and i still have yet to receive anything from them. It is worthless to call the operators dont know crap. every week after six weeks and received nothing but “you should be receiving it shortly” with no exact date. Am I alone on this is there anybody else waiting as long as I am? GIBILLWIRE.COM witch I think is supported by the VA recently post That processing time has been extended to 7 weeks turns out to be 49 days its been double that for me.

  • Shelly

    I receivied CH 30 benefits for two semesters and switch to Post 911 GI Bill for the Fall semester. I applied for it mid June. It has been 5 months since that application and still my tuition and monthly allowance is unpaid. Like many of you every time I call, which is usually every couple of weeks I get the same answer of give it 6-8 more weeks of processing. I was a stay at home mom for the two semesters of Ch 30 benefits, but I put my child in daycare since I have to attend class to get the housing allowance. My husband is also on deployment right now and we do not have family in the area, so working is pretty much out of the question unless someone will hire me to work afternoons M-F while my child is in daycare. I have depleted my savings and the emergency fund to pay for August through November bills. My school has been gracious to allow me to register for next semester, which they normally do not do if tuition from the current semester is unpaid. So now the VA owes the school for the Fall and Spring Semester. Also I have been put on the bottom of the VA processing list because of a glitch in the school verification computer that submitted a double amount of hours I am really taking and it took a month and a half for the VA to get with the school and the school fix the problem, which put me on the bottom of the processing list. I am extremely frustrated especially when I find out people who applied after me and for the first time using GI Bill benefits have already received their money. Also people who started school in October are already receiving payments. I just really hope that by the start of next semester I will receive something because if not, I will have to drop out of school and go back to work until the VA can figure all this out.

  • macd

    I don’t think anybody is receiving this benefit. I have to register for spring, but i don’t think they will have this issue resolved by then and I really do not have the money for the tuition.

    I think the whole thing would work better if the VA issued a lump sum check to go to college with… like 50k or something and shed the entire staff. It’s obvious the organization is not capable of managing this new program.

  • Mike

    Here’s my problem,

    I have submitted my claim for Chapter 33, along with my enrollment. My question is this, since I have already recieved my “advanced payment” back in october and the V.A. by thier own calculations still owe me $4400.00, What is the recourse? As an uneployed veteran searching for both housing and employment while attending school, Somtimes I wonder if putting my ass on the line was really worth it. I am still in the Corps but as a reservist now. If I ask for answers all I ever get is beuracracy. I have another question and it’s a serious one WTF????

  • Mike

    You know I must agree entirely with Marc,

    The V.A. Has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are incompetent to the extreeme when it comes to the very basics of administering this bill. It’s very simple. Either Institute an electronic system immediately expedite the process, or issue a Lump some calculated to the exact length of the semester the student veteran is attanding school and pay the school directly. In other words CUT THROUGH THE DAMM RED TAPE!!!! There is always a third option, Dissolve the V.A. and replace it with a system that actually does its job.

  • Shelly

    Was just informed from the VA that processing time is now 16 weeks. Wow just last week it was 8 to 10 weeks. What the heck is going on????

  • Rachel

    I am a college student who has applied for the post 911 GI bill. My husband was out of the Army in May of this year. I spent 5 years staying at home caring for my children while he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. When he got out of the Army, because of the high demands of civilian life, I was required to find a job, but as you can imagine in a bad economy, companies were not eager to hire someone with no work experience for the past five years, although I spent all the time I could volunteering for my husband’s unit, at my church, and going to school. When we heard of the post 911 GI bill, and that benefits could be transferred to me, we thought it was the answer to our prayers, as it would serve as the equivalent of me having a full time job. We knew that it would take a while to process, and that it would take a while to start receiving the benefits, and we were financially prepared for that. However, we were not prepared for it to take this long. My application for the fall semester was certified on August 25th. That means thus far I have been waiting 14 weeks for it to process and to receive compensation. Since then I have registered for another semester in school, and it was certified on October 28th. As of now, I am owed three months of BAH (basic allowance for housing), two semesters of a books and supplies stipend, and two semesters of financial aid money. The VA offers a $3,000 advance, however, spouses who are receiving benefits are not eligible for this advance. Our resources are completely tapped out. Every bit of our savings is gone, and our credit card is completely maxed out. We do not live in excess of our basic needs. My husband works full time as a DOD civilian, is in the National Guard and is a full time student. I am a full time student and I babysit 5 children every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night as a way to bring in whatever small contribution I am able to, and this is simply not enough to keep up with the cost of living. We live in a small two bedroom apartment in which our son and daughter must share a room, in order to cut corners. At this point, we have cut every corner possible. We need help. I have textbooks required for my classes that I cannot afford to buy, as well as supplies. I have prescriptions that I need that I can’t afford to pick up, and each week, we scrape what little we can for groceries and gas. My husband has done his time and proudly served our country in it’s time of need. Now we are in need! With the upcoming holidays, we feel even more desperate, as we would love to be able to visit family and give our children the Christmas they deserve, as they have spent the past two Christmases without their daddy and unable to travel home to visit family because of the deployments. This situation is ridiculous, I can’t believe the number of people who are struggling because we never imagined what a mess this would turn out to be, and that we would not receive anything for such a long period of time. How many people quit their jobs to go back to school full time on the premise that they would receive this money?

  • Rachel

    Oh forgot to mention that when I call the VA to find out what is going on, they are incredibly rude and no help at all, that is if you even get through. One day I called 32 times before I finally got through, and when I finally did, got no answers. I am so sick of this situation and the stress and depression it is causing. I have written letters to two of my state senators, 3 of my state representatives, and even the white house. I don’t expect much, but hopefully someone will pay attention.

  • Joe

    I feel you guys Since I started school I have lost 3 apts and been homeless 3 times adding up to 9 weeks all together. Each time I would go try to get an emergancy lone or borrow money from a friend just to get a place for one month.

    But hey im in hawaii so atleast it is warm here. but im about to say screw it and find a card board box to live in atleast that I can afford. if they dont pay me soon all the money I will get will have to go towards my debt.

    Im about to say screw it and go be a sheep farmer in africa or something.

    or I can just quit school and work at mcdonalds.

  • Joe

    oh and not to mention when I was homeless I went to the va regional office here and asked if there was any assistance I could get and the told me it would be 6-10 weeks to get any type of homeless vet assistance to which I replied forget about it i’ll probably be dead by then but im lucky I had a good friend at my church to take me in when he found out I was homeless and still working and going to school and living out of my seabag.

    I think this IS a great program but now I wish I never even attempted to go to college.

  • Joe

    If this is going on with VA benefits imagine what the goverment ran healthcare will be like I for one am voting against it.

  • Jason

    wow, rachel, I thought my situation was bad. I got my COE in September after seperating in August and was certified on Oct 6th and I have not recieved a payment yet either. I did get the 3k emergency payment but that pretty much just caught me up. Not only is the VA taking their time paying me but I am getting the run around from TSP who is taking their sweet time sending me “MY” money. I would love to start getting payments sometime soon, but I would hope that you get yours even sooner. I have car payments, phone bills, rent, insurance, and prior loans that I had while I was in the service that all need to be paid and I have had to pay for this whole semester out of pocket books and all. Its bad enough that I am going to school full time but I have to work over time in order to keep the lights on, needless to say my grades are suffering.

  • Ike

    I don’t understand how they can pay my school just fine, on schedule. But I haven’t gotten any of the housing allowance or even an explanation of why I haven’t. I just want to know when the heck I’ll be able to put some insulation in my house!! It’s getting cold out! What do I pay for? Food for my family? Or heat to keep them warm?

  • Jayne

    I just received my stipend and BAH today and my semester ends tomorrow, however, I don’t think it’s the full amount of BAH. I contacted the Bursar’s Office today to find out if my tuition had been received for Fall 2009 and without giving my name I was told that the VA hasn’t made ANY payments!

    I had to pay out of pocket for my tuition for this semester. I took the advanced payment and it has helped some, but I’m still struggling. I have a feeling that my claim is going to be messed up because I was told one thing by VA and another by my cert officer. My cert officer resent in a new claim because VA said it appeared I was not enrolled in school. There’s no telling what will happen with that, but I’m going to continue to wait patiently. That’s all I can do. There’s no need for me to get angry. The program is an excellent idea. I just wish this process could have been a lot smoother so that vets won’t have to worry about how they’re going to eat and where they’re going to sleep.

    • Kourtnie McKenzie


      I totally agree it’s a great idea with a poor execution. It’s really frustrating to hear all these stories about military students that are strapped and not be able to do much about it. I’ve tried to encourage people to stay in touch with their school’s financial aid departments and to contact their government representatives to get more active in the legislation for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. There’s not much that can be done with the VA at this point except holding your breath until everything is processed!

  • Joseph Potter

    My Post 9/11 GI Bill payments are way out of whack. I have not been paid any of my housing allowance or book stipend. I have found out that the VA mistakely over paid my school and later they caught the mistake, so they considered the overpayment was a debt on me and debt management pull my housing allowance and book stipends for the past 3 months to cover that debt. I am still trying to work with them to get me my money. I am totally fustrated with this situation. They told me that the debt was because of tuition and fees. How can that be when the VA messed up making the overpayment? They also can’t figure out for what dates of classes the payments were for. I am calling them everyday to put the pressure on them to fix the problem. I am so very disappointed with the process.

  • Melissa

    My husband has already been accepted for the post 911 GI Bill and just received his book stipend today. We have no idea when to expect the housing allowance but hoping it won’t take a year to get.

    • Kourtnie McKenzie


      The VA mentioned this semester would be smoother than the last. Best of luck you receive the housing stipend in a prompt manner!

  • Cynthia

    I am beyond pissed, just like the others I got two different stories, then when I proved the guy wrong he hung up on me while refusing to provide his supervisors name. I am so pissed right now!!! I want my money!!!! Its been 16 weeks!!!

  • http://www.thecombatbreed.com Oliver

    I just applied for the Post 9/11 GI Bill. I never used my MGIB because it was just impossible for me to go to school with a full time job and raise two kids, while my wife is going to school, too.
    Well, i read about the post 9/11 GI BIll just this month, and it seemed like a great thing. Now, after reading all these comments about student/veterans not getting their BAH, i’m not so sure about it. I want to go to school full time, but I also have a family to support. If BAH is not paid, my family will be put in a compromising position.

  • miles

    I am receiving the post 9/11 gi bill but i am also in the reserves with a $10,000 student loan repayment program that i can use. so i am wondering if i take out a student loan wil that mess with post 9/11

    • Kourtnie McKenzie


      You may apply for standard federal student loans in addition to the Post 9/11 GI Bill. If it’s a specific military-based student loan program, that may make a difference, but the normal student loan programs through the government are available to all students regardless of the additional use of grants, scholarships, and/or other financial aid benefits.

  • Joanna

    My dad transfered me his eligibility..I’ve gotten tuition payment for last semester and this semester..I’ve also gotten both book stipends…but havent recieved any housing allowance…has ANYONE recieved their housing allowance?

  • lester

    wassup fellow vets!! man these comments are a bummer to read,, i was in the same boat back in aug-late sep, i found out that the biggest problem with my papper work and the va was, my schools va rep.. what it all boiled down to was that i basicly had to become the middleman between the schools va rep and the va,, i think she hates my guts!! but hey, i lit that fire under that @ss and finnaly got the paperwork right. i get paid every month on time now. dont worry people it will come soon. i called the va about ,no kidding 20 or more times a day untill the va education center put me in line to speak to someone.so make SURE THE SCHOOLS VA REP IS PROCESSING YOUR CORRECT INFO,good luck everyone and remember its always better to be going through money woes than to be six feet under ,,,,,semper fi

  • Felix

    I can feel everyone’s story here. I am at my breaking point as well. My fiance and I have been struggling ever since I quit my job under the “assumption” that the VA would do their part and send me my BAH. I was under the original MGIB with no problem and when this program was mentioned, it seemed like a fantastic idea. No one mentioned the extreme backlog of claims and that I wouldn’t get paid for several months of school. Our credit cards are maxed out, no money for food or bills. I’m expecting our electricity and gas to be shut off any time now. I called the VA call center and was told that there was a problem with my claim (entitlement multiplier). The problem was that no one was trained to fix this software glitch. There is a special que that is used to identify hardship cases. my claim is in the hardship que but there is no way of determining what place I have in line to get processed. IF you call, dial 1-918-781-5790 instead of the 866 number, it won’t hang up on you if the lines are busy.

  • Keith

    I just took out a title loan wowwwwww thats how bad this is (had no option credit sucks).

  • Julie

    I finally recieved my BAH and book stipend. I applied on Oct 22, 2009 and started getting paid on 24 Jan 2010! I keep on getting money deposited from VA now and I am alittle afraid they are now overpaying me? From 24 Jan-4 Feb i already got $2880! :O) Hang in there everyone. I think they are getting better.

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  • Kailyn boberg

    I have a question. My husband enrolled in aug and received his eligability letter shortly after. We did receive an advance payment check in November but nothing else yet. It’s been 6 months, and his school is questioning where their money is and so are we, we are counting on this money to live. He got his letter today saying we have to repay the 3000 dollars, my cocern is do we get a lump sum of backdated money we are owed and they will take the money out of that or are they going to hold his gi bill and va disability checks and make us pay outta pocket?
    We have a baby on the way n unemployment only last so long , we’re worried we’re gonna lose everything and not be able to support ourselves.

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  • Yulonda DeVane-Miller

    From reading all these blogs I made sure that I stayed on the ball. I had already been in school 2 years when I applied for the 9/11 G.I.bill in February of this year. Well I do not have anything really bad to say because they sent me a stipend check March 1, 2010 and a back payment to my school for all of last year which was great. I think the thing that helped me was that I stayed on the phone calling the VA, my school’s certifying official and my financial aid advisor every week and I know they are all sick of me. The advice that I can give is don’t feel bad to keep calling that is thousands of dollars in your name and personally I want to know what is going on every step of the way with MY money. All of us whether veteran or dependent earned that money in some type of way so give em hell.

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  • http://yahoo dwight jones

    congratulations people you have all been selected for the secrtet screw! your BAH is paid on a daily rate not monthly as im sure a lot of you have learned now. i am paid about $24 a day only for the days im in school ONLY. you do not get paid in between semesters even if you are still enrolled full time. i got the 3000 dollar emergency payment in november finally even though i knew i would have to pay it back that was not an issue i figured they would take a little each month untill it was re-couped. nope i got a bill from the VA in feb i had to pay it all back in 30 days or else! or request a smaller payment which i did now they are taking 796.28 per month until it is paid ( i only get 825 per month ) i have called, written letters, and tried to email, i get no answers. at the beginning of the year i didnt get paid and at the end of the i wont get paid at this rate i cannot afford to go to school. i am a father of 5 kids, disabled, and un employed i have about 30 dollars to buy gas to drive about 400 miles a week to and from school. i have given almost 3 years of my life in combat zones around the world ( panama 1989, desert storm 1990 and OIF 1&3) i thank my congressmen and women everyday for the financial hell they have put me thru this year. its time for us to stand up and be heard at every institute of higher learning in america. look for studentveteransofamerica.org. on your campus or online. good luck friends

  • Ryan

    I have had a decent experience with this bill.

    I enrolled in class on March 15th, I take two night classes a week for 9 credit hours a quarter. The classes are from 6 to 10 , wed and friday, and I work until 5.

    So I get off work, and straight to class. I have a very good job at the moment, that I stepped into right out of the military, and the BAH makes it even better.

    Class started March 15th , I received my first payment April 1st.

    The only thing is they have the wrong zip code for my campus, which amounts to $500 more a month for me, once it catches up. Its like I told the lady on the phone, I am happy I got paid, and will be even happier when it’s the full amount.

    Reading through the previous months/year horror stories, it seems that the VA has ironed out some of the kinks, and it seems to be a lot smoother of a transition.

    Don’t hold all the blame on the VA – your school certifying official has to send your information to them.

  • Warpig31b

    Cannot find the answer for this….but I have 70% disability from the VA can I still use my post 9/11 GI Bill?

    • http://www.veteransbenefitsgibill.com Veterans Benefits GI Bill

      Hi Warpig, I think you would still be eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, but given a few conditions. I’m not certain about the following, but I did find this on another website:

      If your 70% disability was the result of a deployment on an active duty Title 10 deployment order in support of a contingency operation (like Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom), you might still have access to some benefits from the Post 9/11 GI Bill. It depends on how long you were deployed for – a 1 year deployment would get you 60%, while 36 aggregate months of deployment would allow you access to the full 100%.

      Please contact the VA for the answer to your question, as they’re the only ones who can really tell you without any doubt about what you still have access to. You can find their site here: http://www.va.gov.

      Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    From anonymous.
    My father has decided to give me his gi benefits for school which is awsome! I have never been in the service myself.
    But he wants to put the bah that I should receive (housing allowance etc) in his own bank account. Can he do that? And do I have any say on that at all?
    I mean, its because he’s successful and makes so much money that I can’t even get any financial aid myself till Im 23!!!
    Help on this topic would be appreciated.

  • Michellemae0703

    I went through the whole processing step and i recently called the VA to check the status and it has been processed and they released my book stipend and my first bah check, its been over a week now and i was wondering how long it takes till you get it from the time the VA released it……..

    • http://www.veteransbenefitsgibill.com Veterans Benefits GI Bill

      Thank you for contacting me. I will be out of office with limited access to email and voicemail until Thursday, July 7th.

      Until then, please contact rmcarthur@encirclemedia.com for urgent matters.

  • Calisoldier83

    I have two complains about the post 9/11 GI Bill

    1) this past summer I wasn’t able to get the break pay because our summer session was a week more from whatever the limit is. Why does this make a difference?

    2) I served over 2 years on ADSW Title 32 orders. That time does not count towards the GI Bill 2.0. It’s a punch in the face, when a friend of mine was on Title 10 orders, who has never served in a combat zone, receive the 100% rate.

    How can I file a complaint about these issues with the GI Bill?

  • Samandemma

    So my fiance went to school for a one year certificate course in Canada. He got the school approved and the VA agreed to pay the full amount blah blah blah. It’s now almost half a year after he completed the course, and we are back in the USA. We received an email today from the college stating his account is in arears of over $9000. we need to set up a payment plan before March 1st or they’re taking us to collections. Anyone have any freaking idea why the VA would agree to pay in full and then apparently only pay a little under half of what the full amount was? Freaking out here, we barely afford rent let alone an additional $9000 debt.